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Spectacular animals of Africa flash cards selection and box
Spectacular animals of Africa zebra flash card and box
Hippopotamus flash card front and back
Spectacular animals of Africa flash card box

Spectacular Animals of Africa Interactive Flash Cards

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This pack contains 12 cards with illustrations of animals from Africa. On the back of each card is a fact about that animal to read out loud to any age group, plus an activity for older children to interact with. 

These cards are suitable for babies (the fun facts will help you chat through a blur of sleep deprivation!) through to toddlers and pre-schoolers learning about and developing a love for animals. They are a fun developmental tool and a great addition to any parenting toolkit!

Why black and white?

When your baby is born their eye sight is not fully developed - they don't see in colour, and can only see six to eight inches, roughly the distance from your breast to face, so they can focus on you when your feeding or giving your baby a cuddle. 

Research shows that black and white images stimulate babies brains most strongly, which in turn helps with your baby's brain growth and visual development. Black and white books are a lovely way to help your baby learn about the world around them in a way that best suits their needs.

Made with 100% FSC Certified paper printed with soy ink. 

The box is 165mm x 120mm x 25mm. Each card is 155mm x 110mm. Approximate total weight of each box is 224g.